Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bart De Paepe/daniel duchamP/Kris Vanderstraeten

Bart De Paepe/daniel duchamP/Kris Vanderstraeten
Sloow Tapes - CS 40

Kris Vanderstraeten (Frederik Leroux, Dirk Serries, Timo van Luijk...), daniel duchamP (Wolfgang Fuchs, Karine Germaix, Dominique Vermeesch ....) and Bart De Paepe (Ilta Hämärä, Bombay Lunactic Asylum...) get lost in a delicate delirium of bright intricate soundwebs touched with drops of luminous psychedelic atmospheres tumbling in and out of focus in these improvisations with percussion, electronics and guitar. Edition of 70.

Fine fine freak thump from the Belgian underground. De Paepe is a multi-instrumentalist with an emphasis on strings. Duchamp is an improvising photographer with a sideline in electro acoustics. Vanderstraeten is a longtime percussionist on the free scene. Put 'em in a room together & you get a blnd ranging from loopy sound poetry to willowy skronk to intensely psychedelic noodlery. (Byron Coley)