Monday, February 05, 2018

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Tom Carter and Eric Arn - Pohyb-zvuk-prostor Žive v Opave
Sachiko - Cassini
Bridge Of Flowers - S/T
Miminokoto: KOENJI 07/02/2016
Kris Vanderstraeten & Frederik Leroux: Live at The Audioplant
My Cat Is An Alien & Nad Spiro - La Casa Encendida
Kabouter Chismus - S/T


Mia Kirsi Stageberg - A Few Things You Might Not Know About Trolls


Fursaxa - Immured LP
Ilta Hämärä - Saivo


Bart De Paepe - mellow my mind: a sloow tapes discography
Bob Forrest - John Michell: A Memoir
Malcolm Ritchie - Encounter with the Great Mother. Ayahuasca in the Andes

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Mia Kirsi Stageberg

Mia Kirsi Stageberg
A Few Things You Might Not Know About Trolls
Sloow Tapes Broadside #16

Mia Kirsi Stageberg’s family legend says that in Norway’s Trøndelag dialect her name (STAH-ga-berg) meant “stepmountain.” It’s for steps that had to be cut into rocks at Stågeberget, since even goats found it hard to climb. This broadside explores the Norse folklore of the troll.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tom Carter and Eric Arn

Tom Carter and Eric Arn
Žive v Opave
CS 40

Duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind). A meeting of two American minds somewhere in the esoteric wilds of Czech Republic. Deep breathing guitars enliven a whole universe and rendering it everlasting. 70 copies.

Recorded live in Czechia, this meetup between two Yankee guitar wranglers seems blessed. Old comrades Carter and Arn play electrics here, gently plucking and wiggling their axes into lush near-feedback drones, and soft plucks dripping like melting icicles. The first side cycles restfully through some tentative interactions between the two, like sleeping giants waking up together (hungover and perhaps a little surprised). A wave of tremolo flutters rises and crashes from their amps, and the rest of the first side stirs and rises and falls like an uneasy ocean. Neither partner whips out any shredding or strong leading melodic lines, both opting rather to paint in broad textural strokes with the odd dab of rhythm, periodically allowing certain notes to poke their head above the surface.

The second half of the show on side two heads into raga rock territory, then out into rock rock territory. The duo strum and scurry over each other like conversing pandits, breaking into a couple of solos wailing enough to get those heads bobbing. They get more liberal with the pedals towards the end, and morph their guitars into a miniature Rhys Chatham orchestra for a final blast of blissful heavy strumming. Fans of either Arn’s precise and strange solo guitar records, or Tom Carter’s legendary Charalambides outfit should find plenty of joy in here. This is freeform folk music, electrified and shattered by old sparring partners. (The Quietus)


CS 40

Wordless vocals drifting on a royal tapestry balancing between noise and silence, unveiling its pale face in the star-woman’s eyes in night’s harem. Sachiko was once a member of Overhang Pary and Kousokuya. 70 copies.

Birdge Of Flowers

Bridge Of Flowers
CS 40

Blossoming transcendent Massachusetts-flowers sparking Velvet Underground-rays of light, reflecting in the scrying mirror of one’s inner being. Like drinking wine under the grace of god. 70 copies.