Monday, February 20, 2017

Available Tapes


James Pike - On Your Own Day You Are Believed
Dire Wolves - Drumbar And Basspear
My Cat Is An Alien & Nad Spiro - La Casa Encendida
Gianni Menichetti - Shee and other poems
Kabouter Chismus - S/T
Sinclair Beiles - Chopin in Majorca


Fursaxa - Immured LP


Bart De Paepe - mellow my mind: a sloow tapes discography
Gregg Sharits - Bone Wings


Louise Landes Levi - In The Aura of The Other
Bart De Paepe - Excursion to the Alvinnenberg
David Miller - From Epilogue
Ronnie Burk - 1999

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