Monday, October 25, 2010

Sloow Tapes – Tout

Majutsu no Niwa
Ecstatic Crystallization
CS 60
Sloow Tapes – Tout

Feedback drenched guitarnoise drones by Rinji Fukuoka’s Majutsu no Niwa, his follow-up band to the legendary Overhang Party. A magical garden of post-Velvet doom stripped to the bare essentials by way of the Japanese psyche. 100 copies.


Edition of 100 copies cassette from Rinji Fukuoka’s post-Overhang Party Japanese underground monster. Massively heavy feedback jams that bulldoze time and space with alla the ferocity of a fully-liberated Hawkwind plays “Sweet Sister Ray” with free jazz drumming, impossible gravities of heavy metal power chords and walls of singing amplifiers. A classic set of sculpted guitar thunder, up there with Arc/Weld, the first few Kabemimi discs, Ascension’s Live/Dead... highly recommended. (Volcanic Tongue)

You never know what you're gonna get with these lads, formed from the ashes of the genius Overhang Party. When this tape came in I was reminiscing about the time I stuck one of their CDs on in here expecting some blazin' jams, only to be greeted with some sort moderately psychedelic lo-fi pub rock (and much piss-taking). Here they've got their proper serious heads on, offering up two sides of intense, feedback-drenched instrumental guitar dronage which I'm finding very satisfying. Like many in the Japanese underground over the years they're obviously totally into the Velvet Underground and this tape sees them exploring the noisier end of that particular inspiration - definitely a wise move for them if you ask me. (Norman Records)

Formed from the ashes of Overhang Party, this Japanese group is no less brutal. This opens with ringing feedback emanating from (probably) a wall of amplifiers and never lets up in intensity from there. (Boa Melody Bar)