Friday, March 12, 2010

Sloow Tapes – Mechyr

Stranger Son Of WB

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CS 25

Sloow Tapes – Mechyr

Raucous set by Manchester’s heroes Stranger Son Of WB. A growling mix of post-punk and no-wave with an ass-tight rhythm section supporting the snarling howls and hollers by front man Gareth Smith. Think of The Fall, The Pop Group and Birthday Party. 70 copies.


Jagged post-punk from Manchester, featuring the righteous rants of frontman Gareth Smith. Exists somewhere between the Birthday Party and the Fall. (Boa Melody Bar)

More Sloow Tape action this time from Manchester's post-punk obsessed Stranger Son of WB. I love these guys, especially the unhinged rants of frontman Gareth Smith whose vocal styling are totally reminiscent of Mark E. Smith. Musically the group indulge in a paranoid, lo-fi style of New Wave punk that oozes that unique northern charm. Occasionally they sound like a The Contortions playing slow-mo funk or The Rebel on a mad rant yet strange musical occurrences and odd samples throw the whole thing out of whack at a moment's notice (I'm sure I just heard the chorus from Corona's 'The Rhythm of the Night'), keeping the listener on their toes. Sitting somewhere between The Birthday Party and The Fall without really sounding like either, Stranger Son of WB should be commended for playing post-punk that sounds fresh in the current musical climate. On a white tape. (Norman Records)

air-tight set of streamo-consciousness art punk from this band of mancs (Mimaroglu)