Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sloow Tapes – Thoth

The Doozer
Error Engerumong
CS 30
Sloow Tapes – Thoth

Zonked lullabies and exotic travelogues towards inner hairy space. Taste the saliva carried on the winds that purify these coastal gamelan hymns and watch a new dawn. 70 copies.


This opens with a track that sounds like a loop of a long-lost Hood track and then veers off into exotic percussion hypnosis, inspired by Balinese gamelan music. (Boa Melody Bar)

bonkers tape - five “process-music” spheres from this cambridge, uk artist ...

seriously, in a blindfold test i’d be more inclined to place most of this music squarely in the “historic sound art” sector (akio suzuki’s work, specifically, comes to mind) than the terrascope-ian lanes normally traveled by the sloow tapes elite ...

great, beguiling stuff ... (Mimaroglu)