Friday, December 04, 2009

Sloow Tapes – Hunting Moon

Seven That Spells

You Must Do This On Stage Vol. 1

Sloow Tapes – Hunting Moon

CS 90

A collection of dazzling live recordings by Croatia’s heavy psych band, chasing Hawkwind, Igra Staklenih Perli and Acid Mothers Temple in an evil labyrinth of disorientating rhythms, destroying guitars, complex sax, synth awareness and celestial knowledge. 120 copies.

Some live recordings from Croatia's heavy prog-psych band. Noodly guitars, crunching riffs, squalling sax, driving rhythms, this is like a proggier Hawkwind! (Boa Melody Bar)

Got some cool looking tapes in from Sloow this week including a collection of live recordings from Croatia's premier psych rock outfit Seven That Spells. Primarily influenced by the likes of early Hawkwind and Acid Mothers Temple whilst also absorbing a little of post-rock's rhythmical dynamic, Seven That Spells kick out total psych party jams with eastern European enthusiasm and zeal. Skronking, violent saxophone onslaughts take the lead over a bunch of wild rhythm players to create a spellbinding display of psych rock virtuosity. Lively, euphoric and totally intense jams that will no doubt surprise and amaze in equal measures. Oh, the tape is red. Ace. (Norman Records)